2 Helpful tools to improve your online writing

There are several great tools out there that can help writers improve their craft. I wanted to focus on two, that I use every day. Grammarly and the Hemingway Editor.

These apps can take away the headache of the editing process, and help make your writing easier to read.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an app that primarily checks over your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It offers a paid premium service that adds additional features. However, if you are just starting, the free version, which I still use to this day, is a great assistant for any writer.

What makes it so helpful, is its simplicity, you load up the standalone or web-based app, create a new document, and copy and paste in your article. Grammarly will highlight any spelling mistales (like this one).

I have used Grammarly over the past few years, both in my professional and personal life, and have found it incredibly helpful. Thanks for not making me look like a child in primary school.

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The drawbacks? The main one would I would highlight, although an incredibly helpful tool to have as a writer is it’s not perfect. You should not be solely reliant on Grammarly and you should still take some time to proof your work. Either by reading it aloud back to yourself, or someone else to check over it for you.

2. Hemingway Editor

This is a great tool to use alongside Grammarly to make your online writing, both correct and easy to read.

In today’s digital age, when reading articles online, most of us tend to skim through the content. Huge paragraphs of text can leave some readers moving on to the next post.

This is where the Hemingway Editor comes in handy. Once you have finished your article, checked in Grammarly, you can copy and paste it directly into the app. It highlights any sentences that are hard to read, any words that are too complex, and gives you a readability score based on grade.

The main reason for it being so helpful, is it focuses on readability. When writing online, the easier your sentences are to understand, the better the experience is for your audience.

Just like Grammarly, the Hemmingway Editor is completely free, so you have no excuse to try it out when editing your next article, story, or blog post.

To summarise

If you are writing online both of these tools are useful to have in your arsenal. Helping to improve your writing and make the editing process as painless as possible.

To find out more or to try these great apps, feel free to visit the links below:

  1. Grammarly
  2. Hemingway Editor




Marketing learnings, advice, gaming, productivity, and more, focused around helping you to grow. Father and Lover of video games, marketing and vinyl's.

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Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy

Marketing learnings, advice, gaming, productivity, and more, focused around helping you to grow. Father and Lover of video games, marketing and vinyl's.

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