5 benefits of writing every day

Writing every day can provide you with many benefits.

I have been writing every day for the past 76 days and wanted to share some of the benefits I have found. Whether you are just starting or looking to improve your writing. Writing every day can be a great way to help reach your milestones as a writer and set a positive habit.

You are not going to improve or get better at anything without first taking action.

The 5 benefits I have found from writing every day:

  1. Building a good habit.
  2. Improving your writing.
  3. Helps you reach your milestones and goals.
  4. Improving your mental state.
  5. Learning quicker.

Building a good habit

Building any good habit starts with being consistent. Want to read more, start by reading a single page every day, then after a few months it will start to become a habit.

The same goes with writing, I have found that by setting out a dedicated time and writing every day, it has almost become automatic and I look forward to the time I spend writing every day.

If you are struggling, in the beginning, to remain consistent, there are plenty of great resources out there with the one that has helped me the most is ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear.

Photo by Lala Azizli on Unsplash

I found before writing and publishing every day by making it easier, sticking to writing only a paragraph a day, by having a set writing time, and by creating an environment where I write every day, has helped me to build this positive habit and it can work for you.

Improving your writing

It is difficult to get better at anything, including writing without doing it. Although on its own it will not drastically improve your writing. I have found simply by writing every day, has lead to improvements.

There are several additional things you can do, such as reading more, reviewing your writing every week or month, taking courses. But when starting out, it is best to not overwhelm yourself and take that first small step.

Helps you reach your milestones and goals

Before I had started to write, I had the goal in my mind of becoming an author and wanted to write a book. The problem is this was more of a milestone, and over time I have shifted my goals to be more focused on becoming a better writer.

I still hope one day to write my first book, however, once this is done, it will be completing a milestone, and the goal to be a better writer will still be there, with other milestones for the future.

If like me you have goals you want to achieve around your writing, it all starts with writing. You will make it more likely to become a reality if you are consistent with your writing.

I have already reached a few smaller milestones and will be aiming to continue on my path to becoming a better writer and you can do the same. It can all start with writing each and every day.

Improving your mental state

More of a personal one for me, so may not apply to everyone. I will admit at times I have felt lost, as if something was missing and that I almost didn’t have a purpose, which took a negative effect on my mental health.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

What writing every day for me has done, is first and foremost, I enjoy it. It is also giving me something to aim for, and even in the last few months has started to make a positive impact on my mental health.

Learning quicker

You don’t learn how to ride a bike, by studying and reviewing, you learn by doing. The same goes with writing, to learn and grow as a writer, you probably should first be writing.

This is not my first time in the ring. It is almost embarrassing to admit this but several years ago I started a blog. I loved writing, so why not start writing online to help improve my writing. The problem I had, was that I was inconsistent, writing here and there. Eventually stopping altogether.

This time around I was going to take it more seriously, and already I feel I have learned so much more in the past few months around writing than I ever did in the past.

It can do the same for you, it all starts with writing each day.




Marketing learnings, advice, gaming, productivity, and more, focused around helping you to grow. Father and Lover of video games, marketing and vinyl's.

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Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy

Marketing learnings, advice, gaming, productivity, and more, focused around helping you to grow. Father and Lover of video games, marketing and vinyl's.

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