Gaming as a father

Throughout my life gaming has always played an important role and I have always enjoyed spending some of my free time relaxing and starting a new game.

Gaming has changed for me over the years and at times, I have though to myself is this really productive, could I not be doing more with my time?

From when my daughter was born, my time gaming has been limited to an hour here and there, if I am lucky. My shift around gaming has changed and now, for the most part I use it as a reward, for when I have got all my own work and personal projects for the day done.

With that being said now more than ever I still very much enjoy playing video games and can say with confidence that it will always remain a part of me, and as something I really enjoy.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko, on Pixels

Nap time gaming breaks

Nap times or what I now call my most productive time of any given day especially at the weekends. For those longer naps when I had got all my other work for the day done, or simply just did not have the energy, those where really some of the only times over the last year or so where I have managed to fit in the time to play a video game.

Thanks to naps, I have recently been able to play through and complete Immortals Fenyx Rising on the Switch, a great game if you enjoyed playing breath of the wild.

Video games from my past

I Enjoy not only the games from my childhood but the games that I never had the opportunity to play when I was younger. Hopefully one day when my daughter is older, we can pick up and play some classic games together. Sharing my love of video games with her.

A never ending backlog

I always find this very funny, as when I was younger I had all the time to play video games but no money to buy any new ones, which meant squeezing every last ounce of gameplay and fun out of every game, before selling it to help pay for the next game, alongside some pocket money.

Fast forward to the present day and I have hardly any time to play video games but more money to buy the games I want and pick ones up I never had the chance to play when I was younger, which ahs helped to create a monstrous gaming backlog, on a positive note, I do have plenty of games to keep me going over the next decade!

A change in my priorities

I would like to think I have always been a family person, throughout my life I have always trusted and enjoyed the time I spend with my family, and in terms of my own time, I would always make room for them.

As I have got older and since starting a family of my own, my priorities have changed, at the core my values and what I enjoy has reminded the same, however since the moment I first saw my daughter, I knew in that very moment that this was the most important thing in my life. My family.

Although gaming in my life has almost taken a back seat, it is still and always will be a true interest of mine and there is still times when I turn back into a kid when certain games get announced. This was certainly true when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge was announced and will be coming to the Switch and other consoles later this year!

Like with everything in life, balance is important, and if you enjoy something and can balance it around everything else in your life in a healthy way, that is all that should matter.




Marketing learnings, advice, gaming, productivity, and more, focused around helping you to grow. Father and Lover of video games, marketing and vinyl's.

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Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy

Marketing learnings, advice, gaming, productivity, and more, focused around helping you to grow. Father and Lover of video games, marketing and vinyl's.

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