How music has helped improve my concentration, and helped to write more consistently

Music can be a powerful tool in your productivity arsenal. It can help you concentrate, focus and help inspire you.

I have seen and read several articles providing great productivity advice for writers and other creatives, but one thing seems to be missed more often than not, and that is music. I honestly believe that music is one of my must-have tools when writing.

Using music to improve your focus and productivity

This may not work for everyone, but I have found over the years that with certain tasks and indeed when writing, having background music helps me get into a “flow” state much quicker and improves my focus.

It is also linked with many bloggers and writers who enjoy spending their time in a coffee shop, the background noise compared to complete silence can help you to write.

With that said, too much noise and in my case certain songs, those with vocals can have the opposite effect and at times be more distracting than good. The trick is experimenting and seeing what works best for you. Maybe music will be too distracting for certain tasks and maybe it will help you focus and get you back in your writing groove.

Changing your mental state

I have found that after a full day’s work it can be hard to switch my brain into writing mode, and in some cases, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get started. That is where I have found music to be a powerful tool.

Listening to some classic music in my case not only helps to focus, but to relax my mind, and helps to transition into writing.

Photo by Siddharth Bhogra on Unsplash

Here are a few Spotify playlists that I have been listening to recently while writing:

Finding the balance

A lot of this will come down to your personal preference, what music you like, what music positively affects your mood, at what point music becomes a distraction over helping you to focus.

There have been several studies, blog posts and examples shared over the last few decades around this very subject. I know for myself that certain songs have drastically helped not only to improve my mood but to help in my writing.

Do you currently listen to music when you write? If not, have you tried different songs and genres of music when starting or just before you write?


We all have different tastes in music and for some music can be a powerful tool to increase productivity, for others it can do the opposite.

Try and see if certain genres or types of music can help improve your concentration. At least in my case it has helped and can help you write more consistently.




Marketing learnings, advice, gaming, productivity, and more, focused around helping you to grow. Father and Lover of video games, marketing and vinyl's.

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Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy

Marketing learnings, advice, gaming, productivity, and more, focused around helping you to grow. Father and Lover of video games, marketing and vinyl's.

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